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Refund Policy

A legal disclaimer

Refund Policy - the basics

Thank you for choosing our salon for your hair needs. We want to inform you that due to sanitation reasons, we do not issue refunds on hair products, extensions, and wigs. However, we may offer a redo of the service within 48 hours of your visit, at our discretion. Please note that deposits and booking fees are non-refundable, but can be used within 7 days of your initial service. After 7 days, all monies will be forfeited. Thank you for your understanding.

What to include in the Refund Policy

Here at our establishment, we take pride in what goes in and out of our doors. We want everyone to look and feel fabulous from the minute you walk in to the minute after your hair,brow or lash appointment has been concluded. The hair artist offers the best in lashes and hair services so we would like for you to keep up with your look the Layers Hair Studio way!


As a reminder of appointments, please give us a call if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours. This is to ensure that we have enough time to fit someone else in to your appointment time. 

Please be on time for your appointment. If you are going to be late just give us a call within a 20 minute time frame to let us know that you will be able to come in for your appointment. If you are 20 minutes or more behind schedule your appointment must be rescheduled for a later date. 

NO CALL NO SHOW will be charged 100% of the service in which they had scheduled. 

All appointments must be booked online only. 

I also have the right to refuse services. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OF ANY KIND ONCE YOU HAVE LEFT THE SALON.

For hair weaving, hair color or any salon service, you have 24 hours to have your installs/color repaired such as a loose weft, readjustment of closure, frontal, or too much tension in one area,etc.)  at no cost. Anything after that you will be charged a small fee for one specific area only. Anything pass 3 weeks or more will be considered a new install and you will be charged full price. There are no free redos on any service. Wigs can be purchased from us and they are able to last you for years to come. Once you make a wig purchase from us you can have them touched up for a small fee. Wig installs can be done at our location with glue, glueless or sewn down. Glued down installs only last a few days to 2 weeks depending on skin type(dry, oily, sweat) all of these things are out of our control which means we can not guarantee your wig will stay intact after you leave the salon. We offer our glueless option and sewn down options as well.  Hair color services will require a strand test before any full color is done. Once your color service has been done and you leave the salon, you have 48 hours to have it altered if it is not fitting for you. If you do any enhances/touch ups on it yourself after you leave the salon, your service and payment is null and void and we will Not redo your color service or any hair service.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS OF ANY KIND. You also can not go to the ATM or your car after your service is rendered. Please make sure you have all funds before you come in for your appointment.

I will not install hair extensions on extremely short hair (3 -4 inches or less), hair that has chemical damage, heat damage due to the client's own negligence from using, at home color, hot tools, scalp conditions, etc...


A deposit of up to 50% down is recommended to hold your appointment . All deposits must be made before booking any appointment. There will be no refunds once you have put down your deposit. We will accept full payments upfront for services over $200.

Hair Extensions

While hair extensions, closures, frontals and wigs are costly, they must be handled with care. We recommend to use only the hair care products that we provide at our salon to keep your extensions nice and healthy. Shampoo and condition your hair extensions and wigs before installing to remove any residue from packages. DO NOT use hot water. DO NOT scrub your extensions use a downward motion when shampooing and conditioning the hair. DO NOT use hair grease or gel or too much oils on the hair. ONLY USE OUR RECOMMENDED HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. 


Our hair extensions only come in one color that is a natural dark brown. We will only install our virgin hair on clients with the same color as the extensions. If your hair is a different color from the extensions we provide you must have them customized to match your hair color. This is a separate charge from the initial service and virgin hair cost. We have hair extensions in 3-4 different textures to match or blend in with your natural hair to make sure your hair looks as natural as possible. There are no refunds on any of our services or hair purchases.

Lash extensions

Our eyes are a delicate part of our bodies so we must be careful as to how we keep them from becoming infected or swollen. Always clean your lashes with our recommended lash care products. DO NOT reapply any lash extensions yourself(except lash strips).  Do not worry if your lashes are shedding. This is a very normal process during the lash phase. Our lashes shed daily but we just do not realize it as it is happening. Keep up with lash fills every 3-4 weeks until it is time to get a new set. There are NO REFUNDS on any lash services or lash strip purchases. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


As of August 1,2022 we will only provide hair extensions and chemical services to clients 18 & older.  We want to be sure that our clients are old enough to make their own decisions and are able to keep up with their care after leaving the salon.

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